Monday, March 23, 2009

To Be Or Not To Be A Teacher!

Time for another "Guest Article".Teaching as everyone knows is a very noble profession,yet not many of us get into the profession. This article throws light on "who should and how one can get started in the teaching line". It's written by a retired Professor,Ms.Shobha Kumar, with whom I had the good fortune of being associated through the Indian Dietetic Associations(IDA),Bangalore Chapter. Incidentally,she is also the current Vice-President of the IDA (Bangalore Chapter).

Ms.Shobha Kumar
To Be Or Not To Be A Teacher!
Once considered a noble profession, in the present times, teaching seems to be at the bottom of the heap when it comes to opting for it as a career. But fortunately,there are still some individuals who have the passion to teach and love their jobs.
Here are some suggestions I have for those of you contemplating the career:
  1. The first prerequisite to become a teacher is to understand the basics of the subjects you are interested in. You should be able to assimilate knowledge and then impart it in simple terms to another individual (who may or may not possess that knowledge). Try a simple test of directing someone to your home;if he/she reaches without a hitch you are a success!!!
  2. Coming to brass tags: you need to have the required educational qualifications. Each institution and university clearly chalks out the qualifications required to apply for a particular teaching post. By and large,a doctorate is mandatory for teaching in a college (some approve of M.Phil plus teaching experience). To teach in schools you need to have completed post-graduation, a B.Ed. and teacher's training.
  3. Besides the educational qualification you should have a pleasing personality (remember 50 or more pairs of eyes are watching every detail of yours). How confidently you carry yourself even if there are physical disabilities, is what counts.
  4. A teacher is a role model in many ways:
  • could be in terms of dressing up (be modest),
  • mannerisms (no digging nose and biting nails),
  • language- good command over the language,
  • No usage of bad words,
  • No wrong spellings on the board.
5.Updating your knowledge and continuously improving yourself is essential.
6.Teaching the same subject year after year with enthusiasm requires constant innovation in teaching methods and persistence to sustain the interest of student.
7.Though everything now is taught with power point, it is still helpful having a legible handwriting on the board as well as on paper.
8. Finally, give it your best with passion and be ready to accept your mistakes even if your student has pointed it out to you; humility counts!
So decide for yourself and enjoy whatever you do.
All the best!!!

Shobha Kumar
Prof. and HOD Dept; of Home Science(Retd)
Mount Carmel College



Yasmeen said...

Thanks Ms.Shoba for the useful article to aspiring teachers:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting me Swetha. I felt honored .As a former lecturer , I'm so glad to read about the profession. I'm sure teaching is not only a profession , but also a good life style for the passionate people. I am longing to do it now, but due to circumstances can't. But love what I am doing now... thats I m a homemaker:)

Ria Mathew said...

YAY!!!! OMG! I love Shobha Mam! She taught me in Mounts! She is such a lovely lady! Lovely to see her on your blog!!! :)

Ria Mathew said...

I did Home Science and she taught us textiles & clothing then! She is a wonderful teacher, can teach really well at the same time very friendly! :)Did you also study in Mounts?? I was in their 2003-2006 batch and was awarded the BEST OUTGOING STUDENT OUTLOOK :) Will be in b'lore next week, will drop by Mounts...miss it terribly!

Unknown said...

I actually enjoyed reading through this posting.Many thanks.

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Unknown said...

It is mandatory for teachers should have pleasing personality and peaceful nature :D

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